Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Pain That Not Invited

On 2010, my little brother Arif Sufyan was already grown up as other children. His cleverness and happy-good-lucky attitude was always made the whole family feel alive. As he was a younger siblings and has an age range with my sister about 8 years, of course he got full attention from us.


He was a normal hyperactive boy like some kids out there. Until one day on October 2010, my mom realize that something wrong with my little brother in physically. His legs were look like swallow and his cheeks become chubbier than before. My mom had referred to the hospital as my little brother become weak and always had a fever on that time.
On the same month, Arif Sufyan was admitted at the hospital Sultanah Zaharah in Kuala Terengganu. On that time his face and almost part of his body become swallow and looks like balloon!

His face when he admitted to the hospital

After had some check up with the paediatrician, finally the doctor said that my little brother is having Nephrotic Syndrome which relate to his kidney filter. That news was really shocked my whole family of mine. My little brother was never shows any changes of his health before. All of these just like happened on sudden. I’m close with him of course I’m the saddest one when this was happened to him.

My little brother admitted at the hospital about 3 weeks long. He was just two years old on that time and he never understand what is going on with him… All he knew was the pain he felt at almost time per day. Got a few of injections and feed with medicines. He almost spent his times with tears and a lot of pain. He felt scared and sad at all time because he realize that he cannot go to play at the playground with another children, he cannot eat his favourite food like fried chicken, French fries because of doctor’s advice.

He don’t want others to see his face. His self-esteem become low.
He scared if other children will laugh because of his physical and his face.
He knows that everyone will talk about him.
He tend to sit alone and watched the other children playing without joining them.
My parents and I realize that. We always support him and make him confident with himself especially in front of people.

Before the end of 2010, Praise to God that my little brother got healed from his disease. But it doesn't mean he was fully recovery. He must still takes the medicine in pills form continuously and it was about 33 pills (take for three times) taken by him per day. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Good News From God

On 30th April 2008 around 6am, my alarm was ringing as I must to prepare myself to school. But on that morning it was little bit strange because I didn’t heard my mom’s voice. Either my dad’s. I’ve get out from my room and went to the living room. The lamp in the living room were turned on but nobody were there. I went to my parents’ room to find there, the door was opened but the both of them were not in. Seems my siblings’ school uniform already prepared but the iron board was still stand there. I call my mom and my dad picked it up.

“Where are you?”

My first question.

I’m at the clinic, accompanying your mom. I forget to call you, your mom already give a birth.

I was veeerrrryyy excited but the only word that get out from my mouth wasOhh really.. Okay.” As usual everytime I’m with my dad it was like I’m having a conversation with a minister. So simple and, such a formal.

My dad continued, It’s okay just get prepared to school and don’t forget to have a breakfast with your brother. I’ll fetch you later”

I had my school uniform with a big smile on that morning, imagine my youngest sibling’s cute face. That morning was my happiest morning as I was the most excited to see my sibling, new born baby since my mom was pregnant. 

After the school day I spent my day by sitting beside my mom and my new brother while thinking the name that will given to him. The day on that day was like a good news from God. 

Arif Sufyan, 30th April 2008
Your existence was pleasure welcomed by everyone

His existence in my family was such an amazing gift from God. His age range with my younger sister was about 8 years. That’s why we felt soo excited!