Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Be A Special Little Boy

Three years past day by day after he was admitted as Nephrotic Syndrome patient… My little brother, Arif Sufyan went through his life normally, as other children. Everything was went well. Even his life still belong with the medicines every day, but he already understand about that.

He knows what he should and shouldn’t eat. Even some kind of foods that he not allowed to eat are his favourite.
He knows every month he must go to the hospital for medical check-up. Even he knows every time he went to the hospital he will get some injections for blood test and for him that is the most pain he ever had.

But he also knows he can’t do anything. He understand he can’t change the fate for himself, but he is still happy and went to school as other school. Playing around like other children.

Sometimes when he listens other people talk about himself, about his illness or he looks my dad surfing internet about her disease, he asks

“Will I die because of my illness someday?”
“Will I recovery completely?”

He will not asks directly on that time when he saw my dad in front of the laptop or in front the people that were talking about him. But he will ask only when he is with my mom. Then my mom will tell me.

Now tell me which mom are not sad when his child that are still not understand about the real life and world but tend to talk about death????